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The maintenance(contents) of Self-improvement


All of us architects of own life




Three keys. E.I.Rerih

About pleasure. E.I.Rerih

Everyone is great on the place. Over Вивекананда

The person both his(its) seen and invisible structure. E.F.Pisareva

Force of idea and мыслеобразы. E.F.Pisareva

Mental energy. A.I.Klizovsky





( санскр. упанишад, letters. - sitting about(near)) - old indian religious - philosophical comments to sacred books - ведам. The case упанишад is made with 108 texts. Earliest of them concern to 8-6 вв. Up to AD, the others - to later time.

" Teachers Upanishad have proclaimed: the True is open for knowledge; being universal, she(it) can be realized by any person and at any time ". (the Scriptuses of the east, M.: Open Company Izd. The house "Sofia", 2004.)


- Assembly of sacred books зороастрийской religions on авестийском language.

Зороастризм (about 1300 up to AD) is a doctrine about division of Goods and Evil and about the future victory of Goods, about personal participation of each person in this fight.


- (literally means " песнь Бхагавада ", i.e. the god of Krishna) - one of most known parts "Махабхараты", is devoted to religious - philosophical problems, an old indian religious - philosophical poem which has come in эпический arch "Махабхараты" later.

Time of creation "Бхагавад-гиты" is usually defined(determined) 2-nd floor. 1-st thousand up to AD "Бхагавад-гита" represents dialogue a boundary эпическим hero Ardzhunoj and the god Krishna and is a religious - philosophical basis индуизма. Бхагавад-Гита it is considered the most full and precise statement of philosophy Вед.


Конфуций (551 - 479 up to AD) - древнекитайский the philosopher and the teacher, the founder конфуцианства. Characteristic feature of doctrine Конфуция is антропоцентризм. In the centre of his(its) philosophical and ethical constructions there were problems of the person, his(its) intellectual and spiritual shape, his(its) place and a role in the world and a society.

Philosophical doctrine Сократа

Сократ (ок. 470 - 399 up to AD) - the well-known ancient greek philosopher. Veins in Athenes where his(its) pupils were: Платон, Антисфен, Аристипп etc. In the centre of attention Сократа - the person and his(its) soul. The philosophical art named повивальным (майевтикой) as considered, that the present teacher of wisdom should help to another to be born to own true. Сократ spoke: " I Know, that nothing I know ". This saying, in his(its) opinion, comprises that малику wisdom which only and the person for one god is rather wise can have. The consciousness of negligibility of own knowledge should, on belief Сократа, is constant push the person to knowledge of the .


Дхаммапада (in translation with have fallen - " Stanzas of the law ") - one of books буддистского a canon; component "Сутта-питаки" (" Assemblies of texts "). It is created approximately in 3-2 вв. Up to AD. Under legend Дхаммапада contains sayings itself Будды.


- The collection into which four Gospels (Jesus Christ's biography) enter, Acts of sacred Apostles, messages of sacred Apostles and Otkrovenie John Bogoslova.

" Jesus has told...: " I есмь a way and true and life; nobody comes to the Father, as soon as through me...

Сие заповедую to you, yes like each other. "


Koran (Кэрьэн), the sacred book of the moslems professing an islam, life regulating them, - wordly and spiritual, personal and public.

The islam means "World".

Провозвестие Рамакришны

During many years this book which name Gospel Шри Рамакришны, free from fanaticism, sectarianism, theological polemic and a psychological fog, inspires all new and new selectors of true.

Works Вивекананды

Freedom - a key word for Свами Вивекананды. His(its) religion is accessible to everyone, she(it) conducts to Freedom.

" Each soul is potentially divine. Our purpose - проявть this internal divinity, operating external and internal human nature. Act as want - work, pray, use the mental control or philosophy - choose to itself one or several employment(occupations) it is pleasant - and be free. "

The secret Doctrine

Elena Petrovna Blavatskaja
Synthesis of a science, religion and philosophy

" There Is no religion above true "

Knowledge above all. Everyone who has brought a particle of knowledge, already is the benefactor of mankind. Everyone, collected sparks of knowledge, will be the bearer of Light.

Let's learn to preserve each step of scientific cognition. The neglect to a science is immersing in darkness. Everyone has the right to get access to the Doctrine. "

Агни Yoga (Alive Ethics)

- The moral - ethical doctrine connecting mental energy of the person with processes of a universe.

" Yoga as the maximum(supreme) communication(connection) with space achievements existed in all centuries. Each doctrine contains the Yoga applied to a step of evolution. Yogas do not deny each other. As branches of one tree, they expand a shadow and give a cool to the traveller tired with heat. The wanderer full by new forces will continue a way. It(he) has not taken away anything another's, it(he) has not perverted aspiration, it(he) has admitted(allowed) the phenomenon of good fortune of space, it(he) has given freedom to forces сужденным, it(he) has seized the unique property.

Do not avoid forces of Yoga but as light carry them in twilight of the not realized work. For the future we rise from dream. For the future we update covers. For the future we eat. For the future we direct an idea. For the future we collect forces.

At first we apply advice(councils) to life, and then we shall make the name of Yoga of the nearest days. We shall hear steps of elements of Fire, but we shall be available to operate waves of a flame. Therefore we welcome the senior Radzha Yoga and we confirm the future Агни Yoga. "

Works of family Rerih

Sides Агни of Yoga



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